Upcoming Sysadmin Projects

Hi all,

Now that Christer and Ray have joined the team, I wanted to kick off a
discussion about what projects we should be looking at to improve the
GNOME infrastructure.

I've gone back and reviewed the mailing lists and the Sysadmin component
in Bugzilla.  This list isn't meant to be complete but a starting point
for us to talk about.  Sorry about the length of this email.

As far as existing projects, Alexandro is wrapping up the Git hooks for
Damned Lies and hopes to be done this week and Jeff has made a lot of
progress on getting CivicCRM installed for Stormy and the marketing
team.  Ray has offered (or been volunteered) to work with the Tomboy /
Snowy team on deploying Snowy long term.


Jeff has wanted to install a VPN for the current servers - I'll let him
talk about that as I don't know the details.

The first thing is - what do we want to do with Combobox?  

We have a couple open bugs to move some infrastructure to it's own VM:

∘ What VMs should live on Combobox?
∘ master.gnome.org (bgo 613033)
∘ Snowy
∘ blogs.gnome.org (bgo 609717) (Jeff would like to see this as an Ubuntu
∘ Old servers / out of contract

As far as the last bullet, once we know what we want on Combobox, we
need to review the other servers as a number of them are out of their
support contract.  There has been some discussion with the Board that
once we have this figured out we can make a recommendation if we need
new hardware.


Christer has kicked off a discussion this week on the mailing list about
possible spam solutions.  We also have two open bugs:

• Discard moderator group bulk mail (bgo 396134)
• Moderator group admin page (bgo 396137)

Git:  We have a number of open bugs.  Is anyone on the team comfortable
to volunteer as the go to person for Git issues?

• Wrong advice when failing to rebase a git tree (579596)
• NewRepository wiki page missing instructions from scratch (bgo 590096)
• Should reject commits from the future (591345)
• Prevent creation of branches with '/' in name (bgo 598982)
• Remove git repos (607791 and 607793)

Server Maintenance:  I believe there has been some discussion that we
need to finalize the Puppet setup (correct me if I'm wrong).  Last fall
Owen also added a number of issues that were in the back of his head
about things we should finish:

• Version control and mock builds for custom packages (592094)
• Version control for DNS zone files (bgo 592015)
• Firewall configuration for Puppet (592018)
• puppet client daemon not working on puppet (bgo 592018)
• rpm forge.repos on menubar, window and button (bgo 592022, 592023,
• Automatic updates on extra repos (bgo 592073)
• Procedure: RHN account,new kernels and long term monitor (bgo 592037,
592074, 592077, 592079, 592088)
• Fix mysql logging 606668

Lastly, the Board and the Marketing team have a few requests:

GNOME Marketing & GNOME Board

• CivicCRM: 
∘ Test install (bgo 606984): Jeff
∘ Apply file extension patch (606981)
∘ Automate Paypal donations / GNUCash / CivicCRM (613831)
∘ Backup CivicCRM files: 606983
∘ Lime Survey installation: 609855

The Paypal automation (bgo 613831) has additional information in
Bugzilla - on behalf of the Board, I'd like to make this a high priority
- manually importing the data is a labor intensive task and if there is
anything we can do to help with the automation the help would be

What have I missed?  Let's talk about next steps and if there is a task
above you know well and can jump right in with or something you want to
learn more about now is the time!



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