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  • Samsung I330, Ray Carlino
  • lockups when synching/unsynching, David Morse
  • Transfering files to my m500, Alexander Isacson
  • irda-sync howto for download?, Lars Weissflog
  • Treo 300 fails :-(, Adam C Powell IV
  • PATCH: gnomecal conduit fixed, Adam C Powell IV
  • Re: [SN0f126b03]Sync with Linux pilot-link Samtech004, Adam C Powell IV
  • compile error, Alex Chan
  • Issue setting up Sync with Handspring Visor Deluxe, Douglas J. Renze
  • Re: gnome-pilot-list digest, Vol 1 #483 - 2 msgs, Bill Merriam
  • Synchronization failure, Stuart Luppescu
  • Samsung I330 not supported?, Adam C Powell IV
  • RIM Blackberry 957 Support, Fraser Campbell
  • partial synchronization of adress book, Georges Landa
  • Gnome Pilot 2.0.0 & Gnome Pilot Conduits 2.0.0, JP Rosevear
  • Synchronizing adress book, Georges Landa
  • treo and such annoying stuff, Carlos Morgado
  • HOWTO: Syncronizing your PalmOS Handheld with Ximian Evolution, David A. Desrosiers
  • Re: loading the right modules the first time ..., Marcel Turcotte
  • gnome-pilot doesn't do irda without help, James D Strandboge

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