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  • [gamin] socket credentials patch for NetBSD, Johnny C. Lam
  • [gamin] [patch] gamin bus error on sparc, Sjoerd Simons
  • [gamin] configuration options, TomPh
  • [gamin] [Fwd: GNOME Gamin Project Mail List], John McCutchan
  • [gamin] monitoring of links, TomPh
  • [gamin] various regressions in gamin HEAD CVS, Frederic Crozat
  • [gamin] poll-loop rework patch, John McCutchan
  • [gamin] massive patch, John McCutchan
  • [gamin] [patch] Fix compilation without inotify, Sjoerd Simons
  • [gamin] poll backends are now pluggable, John McCutchan
  • [gamin] Release of gamin-0.1.5, Daniel Veillard
  • [gamin] config parsing changes committed, John McCutchan
  • [gamin] forgot patch..., John McCutchan
  • [gamin] gamin-fsset-control.patch, John McCutchan
  • [gamin] another release soon, John McCutchan
  • [gamin] per connection flow control, John McCutchan
  • [gamin] patch feedback, John McCutchan
  • [gamin] poll limit patch to test, John McCutchan
  • [gamin] global config file, John McCutchan
  • [gamin] poll limiter, John McCutchan
  • [gamin] New inotify backend checked in, John McCutchan
  • [gamin] My pre-release testing recipe, Daniel Veillard
  • [gamin] Release of gamin-0.1.3, Daniel Veillard
  • [gamin] Problem with Upgrade from version 0.0.15 to 0.1.2, Mason, Mark L.
  • [gamin] test suite should pass now, John McCutchan
  • [gamin] Install of gamin-0.1.2-1.FC3.i386.rpm, Mason, Mark L.
  • [gamin] Test suite problems, John McCutchan
  • [gamin] DOS and Gamin 0.1.1, Mason, Mark L.
  • [gamin] Uninstalling Gamin, Mason, Mark L.
  • [gamin] release soon?, John McCutchan
  • Re: [gamin] high cpu usage while copying, Prakash Punnoor

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