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  • Unix signals in GLib, Richard Hughes
  • GtkSocket/GtkPlug bug in Gtk+ 2.20?, Andy Stewart
  • GCancellable is not really cancellable?, Felipe Contreras
  • g-ir-scanner type confusion, Matthew Bucknall
  • client side windows borkage on Gdk/Quartz, Paul Davis
  • GLib 2.25.3, Matthias Clasen
  • [glib] Compile failing on glib master, Paul Smith
  • GLib 2.25.2 released, Matthias Clasen
  • [gobject-introspection] Compile of git master version failing, Paul Smith
  • Extended Layout incubator branch., Tristan Van Berkom
  • Comments on GApplication, Owen Taylor
  • GLib 2.25.0 released, Matthias Clasen
  • Quick note about GSettings, Bastien Nocera
  • Empty containers and border_width, Federico Mena Quintero
  • Tables and spacing for empty rows/columns, Federico Mena Quintero
  • GtkSearchEngine Tracker backend updates, Martyn Russell
  • [PATCH] Prevent the configure script to fail if CFLAGS="-Werror" is specified, Giuseppe Scrivano
  • Re: Minutes of the GTK+ Team Meeting - 2010-03-23, Matthias Clasen
  • Extended Layout, Tristan Van Berkom
  • GtkNotebook cleanup, James Moschou
  • Error 1 when compiling gobject-introspection, Luca Beurer-Kellner
  • Re: Faster UTF-8 decoding in GLib, Mikhail Zabaluev
  • application class thoughts, Colin Walters
  • Any administrator help me update page http://www.gtk.org/language-bindings.html ?, Andy Stewart
  • FYI: New project. libctrans, ENRIQUE ARIZON BENITO
  • Re: gthread: how many cores do I have?, Pavel Machek
  • [PATCH] GKeyFile: Switch gint to gint64, Andy Spencer

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