Re: AM_GSETTINGS (was Re: GLib 2.25.2 released

On Fri, 2010-04-23 at 10:32 -0400, Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
> So here's what I suggest:

I'm not really sure we need to go this way at all (with the gigantic
GLIB m4 macro), but if we do......

>   - I know gsettings is included in gio, but I suggest providing a separate
> .pc file for it.

This doesn't make sense to me.  We already have a tonne of pkg-config
files and even if we didn't, it's not logical.  It's in the same shared
library with the same include path, so the pkg-config file would
essentially be identical.  Also, why do this for GSettings and not also
for GNIO, GTLS, GDBus, GVariant, GHashTable, ...?

>   And please, don't clutter the gschema namespace.  Use
> gsettings-schemas, gsettings-schema-compile, etc.

There's no existing "gschema" namespace.  If any renaming occurred it
would make sense to call it "glib-schema-compile" or
"glib-compile-schemas" since we already have tools in that namespace
(eg: glib-mkenums, etc).

>   - Have on GLIB_INIT macro that does:
>     * For all binaries shipped with glib, define a macro in their uppercase
> name.  If backward compatibility is not an issue, I would suggest just
> exporting the glib bindir and let users do $GLIB_BINDIR)/glib-mkenums instead.


>     * Do a version check also?
> So, one would do something like:
> GLIB_INIT (gettext settings introspection)

I'd rather expect:


since you know from the version number which features you have.

GSettings is a non-optional part of glib.  If you have version 2.26 of
glib then you definitely have GSettings.  Same will be true for
introspection eventually.

The only reason it would make sense to list features here (in my
opinion) would be for the separate libraries/include-dirs: glib,
gthread, gmodule, gobject, gio, gio-unix.  gio-unix particularly, since
this doesn't get installed on all systems.

Honestly, though, it feels like the whole thing is a little bit
overkill.  Possibly AM_GSETTINGS is the wrong name and we should rename
it, but I'm not convinced we need a huge overhaul.


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