Re: application class thoughts

On Apr 5, 2010, at 11:24 AM, John Ralls wrote:

> A Cocoa-based mac integration library will be available soon, and the older Carbon-based ige-mac-integration will be deprecated in Gtk-OSX. 

As a followup to that semi-announcement, I have a naming question. Paul Davis wrote the first take on the menu part of the Cocoa library and named the application class GtkApplication, and the implementation file with objective-C calls gtkapplication-quartz.m.
I've kept the class name while working on getting it ready for more general use (Paul's version was written partly in C++ and only implemented what he needed for Ardour). But I wonder if that's really an appropriate name, given that all that's in gapplication.c are 3 callbacks (there will be more callbacks when I'm done, but the guts of it need Objective-C and Cocoa calls). 

I thought briefly about renaming it GOSXApplication, presently derived from GObject but if GApplication turns up I'd change the lineage to derive from that. The problem is that a bit of it deals with event handling, but much more of it deals with menus and the dock and what-have-you; that means to me that it belongs in the Gtk namespace rather than in GLib's. That can be addressed by splitting the class into an event-handling GOSXApplication and a GUI-handling GtkOSXApplication. On the other hand, there's been some talk in this thread of including basic menus in GApplication. 

So, in the interests of avoiding potential name collisions, what do you all think about (a) naming and (b) namespace assignment?

John Ralls

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