Re: Extended Layout

On Thu, 2010-04-08 at 15:50 -0400, Tristan Van Berkom wrote:

> Which brings me to the ambiguous case, ClutterActor has a "request-mode"[3]
> property which says an actor may be either "height-for-width" or
> "width-for-height".

> I still have to investigate what the meaning of that property is, what
> use cases it has in GTK+ etc, any insight there would also be appreciated.

the :request-mode property of ClutterActor has been added because the
mode of requisition of an actor (height-for-width or width-for-height)
can be inherent to the layout manager itself - e.g. a vertically
reflowing layout will have a width-for-height request, while an
horizontally reflowing layout will have a height-for-width request; but
it can also be inherent to fixed size or aspect ratio - e.g. the Texture
actor with the :keep-aspect-ratio property set to TRUE will use
the :request-mode property to decide whether the width or the height
should be computed with respect to the other.

since Clutter is a low-level tool kit, and a canvas, it has to provide
public API to let the implementer of a high-level tool kit (like Mx) or
to the application developer decide which order the request should take.
it's possible that gtk+ might just get away with it, and have some
heuristics about it.



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