GtkNotebook cleanup


I'm trying my hand at the GtkNotebook cleanup bug (96834) and had a
few questions.

The old code had a lot of

if (!notebook->focus_tab)

stuff going on and I thought that since focus_tab is now synced to the
current page that I could just do

if (!notebook->cur_page)

to achieve the same thing. But I was wondering if there were any cases
where focus_tab may have been null, and cur_page not?

Also I'm finding it hard to simplify the code without regressing some
functionality. For instance there's a thing where middle clicking the
arrow button while a tab label is focused causes the focus to move to
the child widget of the page... or something. I'm finding it easier to
just get rid of all this stuff than to try and rework it into this new
paradigm. Is this OK?


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