AM_GSETTINGS (was Re: GLib 2.25.2 released

On 04/23/2010 06:25 AM, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> * Install a AM_GSETTINGS autoconf macro similar to AM_GCONF

Quick feedback:


-> Rename to GLIB_GSETTINGS or something.

dnl Defines GSETTINGS_SCHEMAS_INSTALL which controls whether
dnl the schema should be compiled

-> The comment is mostly useless and wrong.

                       [Disable the schemas installation]),

-> If the arg name is to stay what it is for compat reasons, at list the
comment should be more clear.  Imagine you do "configure --help" in, say,
evolution and see "Disable the schemas installation".  Not very helpful.
Should talk about gsettings at least.

  AC_SUBST(gsettingsschemadir, [${datadir}/glib-2.0/schemas])
  AC_SUBST(gschema_compile, `pkg-config --variable gschema_compile gio-2.0`)

-> Historically upper-case variables have been used.

gschema_xml_files := $(wildcard *.gschema.xml)

-> Not a huge fan of wildcards.

check-gsettings-schema: gsettings_schema_validate_stamp
CLEANFILES += gsettings_schema_validate_stamp

-> Maybe add to MOSTLYCLEANFILES instead.


Note: the macro doesn't even check that the installed glib version has
gsettings!  Should check that $(gschema_compile) is not empty.


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