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  • Gnome-Shell max volume is low, Gabriel Rossetti
  • Very hidden menu in gnome-shell, Ozan Çağlayan
  • Get current key modifiers, Vadim
  • Please add “do not raise on click” in gnome-twea k-tool, Gabriel Rossetti
  • Are indicator-* packaged in Ubuntu necessary/useful for GS to work?, Gabriel Rossetti
  • Gnome 3.8 Shell Redundant Activity button (or whatever it is), Leslie S Satenstein
  • Alt-F2 "Run Command" changes in 3.8, Ozan Çağlayan
  • How to get Empathy to always popup msgs, Gabriel Rossetti
  • GNOME Shell, Florian Müllner
  • Another year, another summer of code!, Giovanni Campagna
  • GNOME Shell 3.8.0, Florian Müllner
  • Mutter 3.8.0, Florian Müllner
  • Feature request for more presence status in gnome shell messaging integration, elison niven gmail com
  • Enter-event and leave-event, Vadim
  • Problem trying to update my extension to work on 3.8, Thiago Bellini Ribeiro
  • Reproducible _x86-only_ gnome-shell 3.6.3 (and 3.7.90) crash, Pedro Francisco
  • GNOME Shell 3.7.92, Florian Müllner
  • Mutter 3.7.92, Florian Müllner
  • Fail to build "Extension Site (A.K.A Sweettooth)" on my pc, Zhuo.M
  • Modal Dialog not puping up, alok barsode
  • Re: Heads up, Hashem
  • gsettings schema for sound?, Dean Hunter
  • Using XDnD in extensions, Joakim Söderlund
  • Re: My extension has an error but lg says it doesn't..., Michele
  • Message Tray design, Donato Marrazzo
  • Re: AppMenu design feedback, Summers Pittman ℝ
  • GNOME Shell 3.7.91, Florian Müllner
  • Mutter 3.7.91, Florian Müllner
  • Vertically aligning components in St, Jason Heeris

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