Re: Very hidden menu in gnome-shell

2013/3/29 Ozan Çağlayan <ozancag gmail com>


This list is about gnome-shell, not nautilus. That would be nautilus-list gnome org. But your feedback is appreciated!
But recently I discovered something which I really didn't find obvious
and intuitive. I was searching a way for sorting items in Nautilus by
their types so folders always come before files. This can be doable by
clicking the down arrow icon next to the "View items as a grid" icon
and selecting "By Type". BUT, if you're viewing items as a list, you
don't have that option :) I think this is a very bad asymmetry as both
options are symmetrical in terms of their functions but their "down
icon" menus differ vastly.
Yes, it is inconsistent. There is a bug report:

You can sort by type if you click on the "Type" column header in list view.
So finally I think that is a quite hidden place for a Preferences and
other actions.

Traditionally, Preferences was in the Edit menu in some applications, while in other applications it was in Tools or other menus.

The new application menu gives a proper home for Preferences. All GNOME 3 applications should show Preferences in that menu, if they have Preferences.

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