Message Tray design

Hi All,

here again to share another design concern/feedback about the message tray:
  1. The contact icon need a title, because often contact does not have an avatar or when available it does not clearly identify the contact (There is the moar accordion extension that mitigate the problem but it's more palliative than a radical design solution).
  2. The 3.6 design change is nice but suggest a sort of context switch when you need to access to the message tray: this approach is interesting for messaging because when you want engage a conversation maybe you can accept that applications lays in the background but it is too slow to access to notification such as mail notification, antivirus icon, VPN tray icon and other application tray icon. On this point I prefer 3.4 design.
  3. Notifications disappear and there is nothing that remind it if you missed them. Example: if the battery is critical or you received an email but you were not watching at the screen when the notification appeared there was nothing that call attention to it.
What do you think about that?

Thank you


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