Reproducible _x86-only_ gnome-shell 3.6.3 (and 3.7.90) crash

I've opened a bug report on the Gnome tracker which needs some 'love'.

I can crash gnome-shell- and
gnome-shell-3.7.90-1.fc19.i686 using the procedure described in .

Since it is x86-only I think a limited amount of people have the time
to look at it so I decided to post this here in order to have more
people testing it on newer gnome-shell versions (when I have the time
I'll test it again on a newer F19 ISO).

So, if anyone can test it or further debug this x86-only crash, I'd appreciate.

Do note: it did not crash using that procedure in 3.6.2 .

Thank you in advance,

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