Re: Gnome-Shell max volume is low

Thanks Giovanni for the explanation.

I tried to search for it but the search function is not working well for me, it is too narrow (search for "dash" and my extension doesn't show up, even though it has "dash" in its name. I will browse them, thanks.


On Mar 30, 2013 1:33 PM, "Giovanni Campagna" <scampa giovanni gmail com> wrote:
2013/3/30 Gabriel Rossetti <rossetti gabriel gmail com>
Hi everyone,

I installed GS on a new laptop and noticed that the volume is extremely low when using the speakers. I went into the sound settings and say that there is a 100% on the bar but you can move it higher. This gives the desired volume on the speakers but if I adjust with the volume panel slider it goes back to max 100%.

I understand when you have headphones that it is a good idea to limit the max sound, but with speakers I don't really (up to the point when the sound is bad I guess). Is there a way to either move that 100% to a higher level or make the panel volume slider not take the 100% into account?

The 100% is referred to normal volume, ie volume that is not deamplified. Going above 100% is possible, by amplifying the sound wave in software rather than doing it electronically in the sound card, but it distorts the sound and reduces quality, which is why we don't expose it in the menu.
The fact that volume is low means probably that the application is also limiting it. For example you should look for knobs in the application tab of the sound panel. Or, if you accept a reduction in quality, just use the sound panel and sw amplification, or install one of the many extensions that tweak the sound menu.

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