Re: AppMenu design feedback

I think that this extension could be convenient, but does not solve the problem radically.
The key aspect is that the AppMenu as it is implemented in Files app is not the only place where to look for action/option, so it's confusing.
>From my point of view, the possible solution are:
1) remove it
2) make it more functional and comfortable, so it can embrace all application action/options menus and become a single point of control.

On Thu, Mar 7, 2013 at 5:35 PM, Summers Pittman ℝ <secondsun gmail com> wrote:
I just thought of a idea and will try to hack an extension together if the lists likes it.

Super + Scroll down on mouse opens the menu, (on a non primary monitor it opens centered from the top), continue scrolling to select a menu item, click or Enter activates the menu item.

If I can get that working, perhaps the next step would be to add gestures for track pads.  Two finger swipe from the top to open the menu, drag up and down to select.


Summers Pittman

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