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  • After update to 1.2.0-3, NetworkManager seems to treat wireless interface wlp2s0 as a wired Ethernet connection, Dan Krejsa
  • How to activate MAC address randomization?, Chris Laprise
  • Re: Network namespaces in NM, Thomas Haller
  • Proxy detection for IPv6 vs. Legacy IP, David Woodhouse
  • Congrats on Xenial Xerus release, Lubomir Rintel
  • [PATCH] Fixup Slackware persistent hostname setting, Robby Workman
  • NM changes DHCP address too easily, matti kaasinen
  • ANN: NetworkManager 1.2.0 released!, Lubomir Rintel
  • WPA Enterprise WiFi testing with freeradius, Dan Williams
  • add-connection-libnm.c example code Segmentation Fault, Ali Nematollahi
  • pppd DNS update issue in NM 1.0.12, Samuel Casa
  • Problem with NM 1.0.12 with some Realtek drivers, Larry Finger
  • howto keep always ipv4ll address, matti kaasinen
  • Allow Single connection only via networkmanager-openvpn (reuse tun0?), Dave Conroy
  • Re: [PATCH] dns: use DBus to make dnsmasq nameserver changes, Thomas Haller
  • [PATCH] nm-pppd-plugin: fix crash, Mikhail Efremov
  • Trouble with network-manager 1.1.93-1 and dnsmasq, Leandro sullo sgorbio
  • ANN: NetworkManager 1.1.94 (1.2-rc2) released, Thomas Haller
  • VPN dialog content larger than window, Joel Pettersson
  • ANN: NetworkManager 1.1.93 (1.2-rc1) released, Lubomir Rintel
  • Connecting as first node on mesh, Stuart Gathman
  • on manual configuration / respecting user made changes, Xen
  • Connection priority for DNS (sorry), Benjamin Lefoul
  • Difficulties with network-manager-openconnect, Michael Welsh Duggan
  • statically address wifi interface without an SSID, Matt Zagrabelny
  • Re: OpenVPN isolation using NetworkNamespaces, Stjepan Groš
  • How to setup NetworkManager-openconnect?, George Karabotsos
  • ANN: NetworkManager 1.0.12 released, Lubomir Rintel

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