How to setup NetworkManager-openconnect?

Hello all,

I have NetworkManager with nm-applet working on my linux-box.  I have
openconnect installed and working. 

I downloaded the source version of NetworkManager-openconnect compiled
it and installed it succesfully.  Unfortunately, I can't find any
documentation or howto on how to configure it.  Would anyone have such
documentation or even a working configuration file should be able to get

My other question is how will I then setup VPN from nm-applet--I did see
the dialogs for VPN but I cannot identify what I need to configure.

Here's some background: for the longest time I have been using
wpa_supplicant, dhcpcd, and openconnect to hook up to the net and my
work's vpn. I would like to make it a little more "user friendly" so
that my GF can hook up my desktop to the net and her employer's VPN.


PS: my system specifics
bash-4.3# uname -a
Linux montreal 4.4.6 #2 SMP Wed Mar 16 14:17:03 CDT 2016 x86_64 Intel(R)
Core(TM) i7 CPU M 620 @ 2.67GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux

bash-4.3# NetworkManager --version

bash-4.3# openconnect --version
OpenConnect version v7.06
Using GnuTLS. Features present: PKCS#11, HOTP software token, TOTP
software token, System keys, DTLS

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