Allow Single connection only via networkmanager-openvpn (reuse tun0?)

I've just subscribed to a VPN service that has multiple locations, and imported all the necessary .ovpn files into Network Manager.

It seems that I do not have the option to disconnect from the VPNs when connected, and upon choosing another location it creates another tun device.

I've made the change to no success to /etc/NetworkManager/VPN/


Yet it still connects multiple locations without disconnecting the previous connection. Furthermore, I've set it to specifically use tun0 for my connections yet upon trying to load another connection even after "disabling" the VPN (I use Cinnamon Desktop) it says that it cannot access tun0 as the device is busy. I can disconnect via nmctl but was wondering if there was a way that I could force NetworkManaager to only use one VPN connection at a time, releasing back tun0 to be used again.

Error Code:

ERROR: Cannot ioctl TUNSETIFF tun0: Device or resource busy (errno=16)


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