Re: Allow Single connection only via networkmanager-openvpn (reuse tun0?)

On Fri, 2016-04-15 at 13:13 +0200, Dave Conroy wrote:
Hi Thomas, 
That explains it, thank you very much - you are correct in what I am
looking after.
There doesn't seem to be a working disconnect option in my version of
NetworkManager (1.193). I will try different GTK themes to see if it
is a problem with the theme itself. 

Certainly NetworkManager, its D-Bus API, and `nmcli connection
disconnect` support disconnecting a VPN connection. If your UI doesn't
allow for that, it's a UI limitation/decision.

I don't think GTK themes help there. Are you using the gnome-shell
(Gnome3) NetworkManager integration? I am not familiar with how that
works there, maybe there is no disconnect button? That would be

Would there by chance be pre/post hooks that I could utilize to
execute before the connection is made? I could write up a script that
disconnects any active connection this way.

There are dispatcher scripts. First, ensure to have the dispatcher
service running:
  `systemctl enable NetworkManager-dispatcher.service`
Then place scripts to /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d.

See `man NetworkManager` for the events there.

Note that the events `pre-up` and `pre-down` are special (because they
block the device transition, we only want to call scripts there, which
opt-in for those events. See the manual.

Note, that `pre-up` might be a place to disconnect the other
connection. The problem here is, that the (blocking) pre-up event is
not emited ~before starting with activation~, but before ~declaring the
device/VPN as fully up~ (but at that point, the VPN connection is
already up for most of the part). 
So, if your VPN connections all want to use tun0, you cannot avoid

I guess, it would be a nice feature to have such ~conflicting
connection`. But well...

An alternative feature would be a "pre-activation" dispatcher event...


Thanks for the prompt response,

On 15/04/16 12:15 PM, Thomas Haller wrote:
Hi Dave,

On Fri, 2016-04-15 at 06:04 +0200, Dave Conroy wrote:
I've just subscribed to a VPN service that has multiple
and imported all the necessary .ovpn files into Network Manager.
It seems that I do not have the option to disconnect from the
when connected, and upon choosing another location it creates
tun device.
You mean, you would like to have a configuration option in your VPN
"connection", so that when activating another specific VPN
the former gets automatically disconnected?

No, NetworkManager doesn't have a concept of ~conflicting~
When you activate connection A, you'd have to manually disconnect
connection B.

I've made the change to no success to
Yet it still connects multiple locations without disconnecting
previous connection.
That shouldn't happen. Did you restart NM after changing the file?
I suspect the file /etc/NetworkManager/VPN/ is
ignored and instead it uses /usr/lib/NetworkManager/VPN/openvpn- The file in /etc only exists for backward
in 1.2, the location of this file moved to /usr/lib.

Changing supports-multiple-connection=false actually should give
the conflicting behavior, but that doesn't sound like the right
approach. First of all, is not user-
This setting is here to tell NetworkManager that this plugin is new
enough to support multiple activations of Openvpn connections
(simultaneously). It's not here to implement ~conflicting

Before 1.2, VPN plugins did not support to activate more then once
at a
time. Old plugins were always supports-multiple-connections=false.

Furthermore, I've set it to specifically use tun0 for my
yet upon trying to load another connection even after "disabling"
VPN (I use Cinnamon Desktop) it says that it cannot access tun0
the device is busy. I can disconnect via nmctl 
Yes, you can disconnect with nmcli.

but was wondering if there was a way that I could force
NetworkManaager to only use one VPN connection at a time,
back tun0 to be used again.
No, such a concept doesn't exist (up to now).

Error Code:
ERROR: Cannot ioctl TUNSETIFF tun0: Device or resource busy
openvpn said that? Yes, that sounds expected, right?

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