ANN: NetworkManager 1.1.93 (1.2-rc1) released


Today we've reached the point where our 1.2 blocker list is empty, the testing 
all green and we believe the tree is ready for a release. Yay!

Since the last beta, we've fixed interaction with externally created devices 
and also included a couple of smaller improvements. We've made some cosmetic
changes to the manual and imported new translation. The API and ABI are frozen
and won't change before 1.2.

Please test this release. Tell your friends to test. Ask your foes to test.

If you're a distribution maintainer and haven't imported the betas, this is
the right time to update your testing package. This is possibly the last
call for testing and suggestions before we do a 1.2 release.

As usual, a summary of changes can be found here:

You can get the code here:

Thanks to everyone who contributed or sent feedback!


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