NM changes DHCP address too easily


I have found NM switching DHCP address quite frequently, which is pretty annoying as this happens on embedded board that has only internet access available. I read from web that you have borrowed Connman internal DHCP client to your latest releases. I hope you have also adopted Connman convention also for this addressing as I never experienced this feature with Connman. DHCP address assigned first time never changed. I found also a lead from web telling that this problem could be caused from corrupted initial time to be cured with RTC. In fact I do have RTC, but it does not have proper battery back-up - just a supercap to keep time over relatively short break. Also there is bug in current CPU versions stopping RTC clock when CPU power is down.

If this problem is an initial time issue together with lease information stored in /var/lib/NetworkManager/, would it be possible to work this problem out by ignoring timestamp if the current time is less than in timestamp stored in above directory? Could this not be done relatively easily?


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