Re: howto keep always ipv4ll address

On Fri, 2016-04-15 at 13:36 +0300, matti kaasinen wrote:

Is there way to tell NM (v. not to drop ipv4ll address =
eth0:avahi interface.

I don't think that is possible.

It seems that this dropping happens immediately when dhcp lease is
gained. What harm it would do just preserving this interface alias?

When NetworkManager manages a device, it deletes other addresses on
that interface because it doesn't know why they are there.

On newer versions of NetworkManager, if you add an address (link-local
or not), after NetworkManager activated the device, it would keep it.
But also there is a race involved, in that the address must not be
added before NetworkManager starts configuring the interface initially.

Basically, NM doesn't know, what to do with this address and deletes

Also, "eth0:avahi" sounds more like an interface-alias. That is not a
separate (real) interface, just one address that is show by ifconfig
tool as a separate interface (but it isn't). See `ip addr show`.


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