Re: howto keep always ipv4ll address

2016-04-15 19:28 GMT+03:00 Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com>:
To clarify, not possible on NM 0.9.8.  NM 0.9.10 and later make large
efforts to preserve configuration made outside NM.

Unfortunately I have to cope with this version for a while. Arago project just started to work on Yocto version 2.1 that has much newer NM - takes several months to get stabile release.

But I think it could be handled with dispatcher scripts too that would
spawn avahi-autoipd --force-bind on the interface that has just been
upped by NM.

OK. Actually this command is what I used as avahi-autoipd start command. I suppose it is enough just to kill avahi-autoipd as systemd service unit starting avahi-autoipd has Restart property. However, it is not quite clear for me, which evet I should hook this kill command.

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