ANN: NetworkManager 1.0.12 released


While we're busy stabilizing the 1.2.x tree for a release candidate
a plenty of fixes accumulated in the 1.0.x tree.

Looks like it's about the time we do a NetworkManager 1.0.12 release,
which I'm pleased to announce.

As usual, we recommend that users of 1.0.x series as well as users of older
0.9.10.x series upgrade to this release which is D-Bus and C API backwards

If you're using a distribution that ships NetworkManager 1.0.x, chances
are you'll get the new version when the distributor tests it.

This release doesn't introduce any new features. It brings a few interoperability
improvements, fixes for a few fairly unlikely crashes, backports of some memory
leak fixes we've discovered while testing the 1.2 betas and a fix for low severity
race condition that could leak to a local information leak. A more detailed
overview is available in the NEWS file:

You can grab the new version here:

We're not releasing new versions of the applet or VPN plugins; there's nothing
interesting in their respective 1.0.x branches now (as opposed to the 1.2.x
release that's going to bring significant improvements). We're keeping our
interfaces stable, so the older versions will keep working.

This release is brought to you by:

Beniamino Galvani, Dan Williams, Dan Winship, Francesco Giudici, Lubomir Rintel,
Matthew Millar, Michael Biebl, Nikolay Martynov, and Thomas Haller.

Special thanks to everybody that reported bugs and tested this release!

PS: Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey. There's almost 1500
responses and we take care to pay attention to each one, so it may take
some time until we respond. We're working on that!


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