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  • Metered connections, Beniamino Galvani
  • NM coding style regarding private gobject data, Thomas Haller
  • Backport to stable nm-0-9-10: bridge availability, poma
  • Backport to stable nm-0-9-10: help & version options non-root, poma
  • [PATCH] nm-iface-helper: set last_config properly, David Ward
  • PPP Documentation, Ali Nematollahi
  • [PATCH 1/2] core: add nm_utils_monotonic_timestamp_as_boottime() function, Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre
  • Annoying bug in NM1.0.0-8, Dan Mossor
  • Fwd: Welcome to the "networkmanager-list" mailing list, Neil Steiner
  • [PATCH 1/1] systemd: make NetworkManager reloadable via SIGHUP, Thomas Haller
  • Re: NetworkManager kernel and udev/eudev dependency, gcc build dependency, Thomas Haller
  • [PATCH 1/1] contrib/rpm: add comment to NetworkManager.conf file, Thomas Haller
  • Running NetworkManager in a container, Lubomir Rintel
  • jhbuild run for NetworkManager, Eric Schultz
  • Nm-applet not compatibile with the gtk3-3.16, Valerio D'Antino
  • [PATCH 1/1] test: add separate valgrind suppressions files per distribution, Thomas Haller
  • The Bridge on the River Dream House Of Net, poma
  • You must be root to run NetworkManager --version / --help, poma
  • Timeout for VPN connections, Franck Routier (perso)
  • How to get secret of a Setting throw D-Bus, 张天晔
  • Look for suggestions for booting from iscsi, allspace
  • Re: Adding a LastSeen property to accesspoints and ScanDone signal, Dan Williams
  • Re: [PATCH 1/1] core: add "fatal-warnings" option to NM_DEBUG, Thomas Haller
  • Re: seeing "activation stage already scheduled" failure with NetworkManager-, Adam Goode

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