Timeout for VPN connections

Hi list,

I have a problem with a (open)VPN connection that times out with Network Manager, but will work fine with command line openvpn.
It will take a looooong time (2-3 minutes), but it will finally work.

It seems that a 40s timeout is hardcoded in NetworkManager (vpn-manager/nm-vpn-connection.c)

static void
connect_success (NMVPNConnection *connection)
NMVPNConnectionPrivate *priv = NM_VPN_CONNECTION_GET_PRIVATE (connection);

    /* 40 second timeout waiting for IP config signal from VPN service */
priv->connect_timeout = g_timeout_add_seconds (40, connect_timeout_cb, connection);

    g_hash_table_destroy (priv->connect_hash);
    priv->connect_hash = NULL;

See also this ticket on Ubuntu, with a patch and PPA : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/420411

Would it make sense to change the default timeout, or even better make it configurable ?


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