Re: Look for suggestions for booting from iscsi

On Sat, 2015-04-04 at 12:21 +0000, allspace wrote:

Look into the mail list 6 years ago, some one had asked for suggestions for booting from iscsi. At that 
time, the recommend was to turn off NetworkManager.

Is there any improvement in NetworkManager on supporting such kind of network booting (iscsi or nfs)?

Yes, there have been massive improvements in network booting in the past
6 years.  NetworkManager will seamlessly take over whatever
configuration exists on the interface at startup, and should not touch
anything.  If it does, that's a bug and we'll fix it.

So your procedure would simply be to just boot up normally, and NM will
detect the interface, read its configuration, and continue with no
interruption in network connectivity.

NM also has an 'ibft' system settings plugin that reads the iBFT config
from your firmware and presents those as immutable connections in
'nmcli' and the CLI/TUI/GUI tools, but that's just cosmetic and
shouldn't affect actual operation.  The interface configuration before
NM starts is authoritative.


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