You must be root to run NetworkManager --version / --help

$ NetworkManager --version
You must be root to run NetworkManager!

$ NetworkManager --help
You must be root to run NetworkManager!

$ su

# NetworkManager --version

For comparison:

$ /usr/lib/systemd/systemd --version
systemd 216

$ /usr/lib/systemd/systemd --help
systemd [OPTIONS...]

Starts up and maintains the system or user services.

  -h --help                      Show this help
     --test                      Determine startup sequence, dump it and exit
     --no-pager                  Do not pipe output into a pager
     --dump-configuration-items  Dump understood unit configuration items
     --unit=UNIT                 Set default unit
     --system                    Run a system instance, even if PID != 1
     --user                      Run a user instance
     --dump-core[=0|1]           Dump core on crash
     --crash-shell[=0|1]         Run shell on crash
     --confirm-spawn[=0|1]       Ask for confirmation when spawning processes
     --show-status[=0|1]         Show status updates on the console during bootup
     --log-target=TARGET         Set log target (console, journal, kmsg, journal-or-kmsg, null)
     --log-level=LEVEL           Set log level (debug, info, notice, warning, err, crit, alert, emerg)
     --log-color[=0|1]           Highlight important log messages
     --log-location[=0|1]        Include code location in log messages
     --default-standard-output=  Set default standard output for services
     --default-standard-error=   Set default standard error output for services

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