Re: jhbuild run for NetworkManager

On Sat, 2015-04-11 at 18:25 -0500, Eric Schultz wrote:

I'm new to Gnome development and I'm looking to hack on
NetworkManager. I've followed the instructions for setting up jhbuild
and I've run the NetworkManager build but I can't use "jhbuild run"
since NetworkManager requires root. When I try to run with sudo,
jhbuild says it shouldn't be run as root. Is there a recommended way
to hack on and test NetworkManager whether using jhbuild or something
else so my normal system NetworkManager and settings aren't

Hi Eric,

I don't use jhbuild, so I don't know about the Gnome way.

I usually install NetworkManager in another prefix via:

./ \
        --prefix=/opt/test \
        --sysconfdir=/etc \

there is also an option:
  ./src/NetworkManager --run-from-build-dir

One problem is that the system-wide NetworkManager instance gets D-Bus
activated at random times.

   systemctl stop NetworkManager

   # NetworkManager gets D-Bus activated again

   ./src/NetworkManager --debug
   # fails with:
   # Could not acquire the NetworkManager service as it is already taken.

For that, you could do:

   chmod -x /sbin/NetworkManager
   systemctl stop NetworkManager

You probably want to start NetworkManager with --debug so that it stays
in foreground. Maybe also --log-level=DEBUG


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