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  • [Banshee-List] Cover Art location, Ken Mitchell
  • [Banshee-List] Segfaulting on embedded images, Dan Wilson
  • [Banshee-List] Status of later generation iPods., Justin F. Knotzke
  • [Banshee-List] Is there a roadmap for banshee?, Aleksander Helgaker
  • [Banshee-List] why can't Banshee write to HFS+ iPods?, Adam Dingle
  • [Banshee-List] Multimedia keys in Ubuntu, Andrew Gee
  • [Banshee-List] ITMS plugin -unmaintained? -unloved?, Jim Chambers
  • [Banshee-List] Zen V and Banshee, Carl Bolduc
  • [Banshee-List] iPod not being identified entirely but works fine..., Matt Philmon
  • [Banshee-List] Keeping up with changing files, Andrew Conkling
  • [Banshee-List] Status of patchs, Julien Sobrier
  • [Banshee-List] How Banshee Plugin Fleow on Gentoo, letrasenmisadidas
  • [Banshee-List] AlbumArt Updated - 0.4.2, Nick Bargnesi
  • [Banshee-List] 80GB Video iPod not working, Gareth Murphy
  • [Banshee-List] Summer of Code, Scott Peterson
  • [Banshee-List] New installation; won't play any type of file, Rob Frazor
  • [Banshee-List] How is Rockbox Support in Banshee?, Jai
  • [Banshee-List] MP3 CD Option?, skewty
  • [Banshee-List] DAP device mockups, Trey Ethridge
  • [Banshee-List] Ipod 2nd Gen Shuffle Still Not Recognized, Thomas J. Baker
  • [Banshee-List] Cleaning up TrackInfo?, LCID Fire
  • [Banshee-List] Make error on DAAP plugin, Jeffrey Finkelstein
  • [Banshee-List] iPod is seen as read only since 0.12.1 (and changes to libipoddevice), Bill Dawson
  • [Banshee-List] ANNOUNCE: Banshee 0.12.1, Aaron Bockover

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