Re: [Banshee-List] DAP device mockups

On 4/10/07, Trey Ethridge <tethridge gmail com> wrote:
> I'm not taking credit for these mockups.  They are very similar to
> what the latest version of iTunes looks like.  I think we can take
> their idea and modify it to make it our own.  What do you guys think
> about this functionality?  Can you think of ways that it can be
> improved?  If there is support for this functionality, then I wouldn't
> mind coding it.

After talking to Trey on IRC I finally understood what the reasoning 
behind this was (not having a DAP that supports playlists myself).

So the handling and syncing of playlists seems to be very handy
for those having bigger DAPs, and with flash devices going up to
10 gig today this seems to be getting common.

I also have to say, the original idea of placing playlists into child
sources works nice for 3-5 playlists, but it totally breaks with more 
than 25, even for the library. Now imagine having those same 25
playlists on the iPod, and perhaps a few DAAP shares with playlists,
inserted CDs, podcast and radio plugins loaded... You have to scoll
or collapse/uncollapse a lot to find stuff and things will look very 

In this regard, Trey's mockup would also solve a general issue with
banshee's interface scalability... But it also introduces regressions,
like not having D&D for songs into playlists. So how's about this:

The "iPod" source still shows the songs like now. The "Playlists" 
child-cource shows a view of all playlists, as shown in Trey's
mockup. From there you could play or sycn playlists. Addotionaly,
there could be child sources for other stuff, like photos or
just any other files that are on the device. This would limit a DAP
to 2-3 child sources. The same could be done for The library and
DAAP shares, the result would be a much cleaner sidebar.

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