[Banshee-List] Is there a roadmap for banshee?

I've been using banshee for about 8 months now (I think) and I find it much better than the alternatives like amorak (which is bloatware as far as I'm concerned). But I'm just wondering if there is some sort of roadmap for banshee. Are there any clear plans for the future or are we just adding things as people come up with them? I'm only asking because I'm interested in knowing what the future for banshee is. Hopefully, when the windows port is finished we should get some interest from more programmers.

Personally I wish that banshee could be more capable when it comes to audio books. Most audio books have a new track every three minutes or something like that which makes up for a lot of songs. I would therefore love to be able to separate my audio books from my music collection. Maybe there could be a section under the "Music Library" called "Audio Book Library" or something like that. Much in the same way that podcast's have their own section. I guess it would probably be a pretty simple plugin to develop, but my programming skills are near to zero.

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