[Banshee-List] ITMS plugin -unmaintained? -unloved?

The Unmaintained iTunes Music Store plugin....
What is the status of this project?  Does anyone own it?  Has anyone ever got it working?   I tried to do the SVN import on that a while back, and I got some error that made me sad.  I have been kinda looking for a C# project to keep me up all night for months.
More to the point - has anyone (Aaron?) had any discussions with Apple about getting some help / guidance on making this plugin work?
Maybe more to the point than that, - has anyone ever heard what the "official" word from Apple is on Linux support (native client? crossover support? Banshee plugin support?)
Is it just me, or is it really dumb of Apple to be so aloof about this? - if they are being aloof, I don't know.

that's my $.02

Jim Chambers <jim gosleddog net>

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