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  • [xml] [BUG?] Global attribute declaration in schema is not used at root node, Dominique Quatravaux
  • [xml] entity resolver callback context not too useful for python, Brad Clements
  • [xml] xmlNanoHTTPResponseHeaders addition, marcelo fernandez
  • [xml] xmlsoft.org not reachable, python entity resolver, Brad Clements
  • [xml] Libxml and Universal Binaries, Manish Padmajan
  • [xml] xmlReader and --without-writer config option, Michael Day
  • [xml] testapi.c, Michael Day
  • [xml] XMLSchema-Instance broken in 2.6.22 ?, Julien Lamy
  • [xml] XInclude and SAX2, Dave Glick
  • [xml] Installing libxml - new mail, Todd Siegel
  • [xml] In case you have problems validating XHTML 1.1 with XML Schema..., Kasimier Buchcik
  • [xml] Escape characters, Samuel =?iso-8859-1?B?RO1heiBHYXJj7WE=?=
  • [xml] Adding xmlSchemaSetParserStructuredErrors() to the XML Schema API, Kasimier Buchcik
  • [xml] Which interfaces should be put into LSB?, Hisashi T Fujinaka
  • [xml] htmlReadMemory broken if LIBXML_LEGACY_ENABLED not set, Gary Coady
  • [xml] libxml and dtd validation, Jim
  • [xml] Parsing <?xml decl with xmlReader, Michael Day
  • [xml] Error in runtest.c?, Hisashi T Fujinaka
  • [xml] Question about struct _xmlDoc, Vedantam, Pavan
  • [xml] Proposal for libXML2 inclusion in LSB, Banginwar, Rajesh
  • [xml] Question about UTF-8 output / character references, Geert Jansen
  • [xml] Latest libxml2 (2.4.22) still does not compile with mingw on linux., Ben Greear
  • [xml] Newbie question on libxml, Medi Montaseri
  • [xml] libxslt and dynamic functions, Nic Ferrier
  • WG: [xml] PATCH: implement xmlSaveToBuffer(), Mickautsch, Alfred
  • [xml] HTMLparser: SGML comments, Michael Day
  • [xml] alternate DTD locations, Paul Emberson
  • [xml] Problem with an old SGML, Kail
  • [xml] crash in xmlSchemaFormatNodeForError when node is document, Rob Richards
  • [xml] ANN: Mac OS X Binaries, Steve Ball
  • [xml] HTML id and name attributes, Michael Day
  • [xml] PATCH: implement xmlSaveToBuffer(), Geert Jansen
  • [xml] XML Schema: Nillable custom type error (PATCH), Sir Woody Hackswell

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