Re: [xml] PATCH: implement xmlSaveToBuffer()

Daniel Veillard wrote:
        xmlOutputBufferCreateBuffer     (xmlBufferPtr buffer,
                                         xmlCharEncodingHandlerPtr encoder);

  A new API but it's not a bad idea, making the link between normal sources
and xmlOutputBuffer / xmlInputBuffer is always confusing new comers to libxml2.
I havent yet tried the code, looks fine though, and was going to do some consolidation on it first i.e. xmlOutputBufferCreateBuffer calling xmlOutputBufferCreateIO and xmlNewTextWriterMemory calling xmlOutputBufferCreateBuffer.

Is there any reason why xmlTextWriterWriteMemCallback always returns len and doesnt do an error check? In the event of an error writing to the buffer it looks like this would be wrong not to signal an error.


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