Re: [xml] alternate DTD locations

Kail, I saw this but I wanted to validate at the same time as reading to get default values.

Daniel, the catalog is exactly what I want.

Thanks both for your help.


Kail wrote:
It is possible to validate documents which had not been validated at
initial parsing time or documents which have been built from scratch
using the API. Use the xmlValidateDtd() function.

xmlDtdPtr dtd = xmlParseDTD(NULL, filename_of_dtd); /* parse the DTD */
So you can load this from a remote location ^_^

Then create a validation context and use xmlValidateDtd(). This from valid.h


2005/11/8, Paul Emberson <lists calidasoft co uk>:


Is is possible to specify a search path for external entities when using
the xmlreader interface?

Alternatively, is it possible to specify a DTD to fall back on if the
one specified in the XML file isn't found (again with xmlreader).  E.g.
it is possible to set a schema with xmlTextReaderSetSchema but I don't
see a DTD equivalent.


I am working on a tool which takes its input from xml files which
specify a dtd in the system identifier.  Currently I have to make
several copies of the DTDs into whichever directory the input is being
read from.  I want to be able to specify where the DTDs are stored as a
configuration option, or possibly derive it from where the executable
has been installed.  Ideally, I want to be able to specify something
like an include directory which acts as a base for the URIs in the
system identifier.

Thanks for any help or suggestions,

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