Re: [xml] entity resolver callback context not too useful for python

On 29 Nov 2005 at 4:07, Daniel Veillard wrote:

My hack-around solution was to use xmlReadDoc, and pass in a 

  use xmlReadCtxtDoc with a context you created yourself

But I'll still get contexts in the entity resolver that I did not create and 
won't know anything about. Applying a stylesheet with a 
document('somewhere') function it it results in a new parsing context 
being created, right?

That's done entirely within libxslt/libxml and so there's no way for me to 
know anything about that context in advance, before the entity resolver is 

  At the C level there is a _private pointer for parsing contexts that
application can use to associate application data with that specific

When a new context is created "at the behest of an existing context", is 
that pointer set on the  new context to be the same as the "parent" 

I thought I had read that the _private pointer was restricted for use by 
some existing libxml internal mechanism.?

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