[xml] Installing libxml - new mail


I downloaded, compiled and installed libxml on my linux box so I can install
PHP with XSL support.  When I run 'make tests' it hangs at the following:

## Relax-NG Python based test suite 1
## Relax-NG Python based test suite 2
## XML Schemas datatypes Python based test suite
## It is normal to see 10 errors reported
found 1035 test instances: 1024 success 11 failures
make[1]: Entering directory `/root/libxml2-2.6.22/xstc'
Rebuilding script (NIST) nist-test.py
./Tests/Metadata/NISTXMLSchemaDatatypes.testSet:8: warning: xmlns: URI
TestSuite is not absolute
I tried compiling PHP anyway and it failed.  Also, I have successfully
installed libxml on another box.

Kernel version: 2.4.20
GCC version: 3.2.2


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