[xml] Libxml and Universal Binaries

Hi All,

In order to build universal binaries, I downloaded libxml
(libxml2-2.6.13) and libxslt (libxslt-1.1.15) code from
I was able to successfully build the universal binaries and used them in
my project.
I was not able to get source code for libiconv.  Hence could not build
universal binary.
I built the application as universal binary without libiconv.
Junk characters were seen in ppc(PowerPC) as well as Intel mac for
localized languages.
I suspect the absence of libiconv for this behaviour.
Is there any other way to remove these junk characters without using
I did search http://xmlsoft.org site for libiconv source code, but could
not find it.
I would like to know the location from where I can get the source code
for libiconv so that I can build a universal binary and test?


With rgds,

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