Re: [xml] Which interfaces should be put into LSB?

On Thu, Nov 17, 2005 at 06:53:51AM -0800, Hisashi T Fujinaka wrote:
LSB provides a build environment with its own header files and stub
libraries for applications to use. The idea is to change as little as
possible in the existing distro and have all the changes done by the
application developer.

  I don't understand. If you mean not compiling against libxml2 headers
I think this is futile and hopeless.

That said, I'm now looking into creating the libxml2 header files to
include them into LSB. I'm trying to figure out how which interfaces
should be included, and which should be excluded. Is there a specific
list of core interfaces that should be included? The headers should be
the ones used by any well-behaving application (i.e. we won't want to
list any of the internal interfaces.)

  No specific list. Person A core item is useless to person B and vice-versa
in my experience. Plus libxml2 exports data structures not just APIs and
that can't be worked around.

I'm looking for interfaces by examining the header files. Is there a
better way of making a "list" of interfaces? I noticed that you can't

  Seen doc/libxml2-api.xml ? 

make a dependency graph of the header files because they tend to include
each other. Is there a subset of header files that an application would
use so I can just concentrate on those?

  See the previous discussion about this, I have the feeling that we are just 
starting over from scratch:


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