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  • [xml] Need help, cannot install libxml2, Rip Rowan
  • [xml] Problem parsing MSWord HTML, Joachim Zobel
  • [xml] shared library + SAXv1 error, Steven Falken
  • [xml] libxml2 parser error:: Premature end of data in tag group line, Bhadraji D
  • [xml] remove node from html document, andrew james
  • [xml] Attributes and Contents, Peter Wilkes
  • [xml] Child Traversing loop runs twice, siddharth sehgal
  • [xml] Non recursive html parser, Eugene Pimenov
  • [xml] problems saving HTML as XHTML, Aaron Patterson
  • [xml] Additional text nodes for '\n' in documents with DTD, Nikolay Sivov
  • [xml] libxml2 and mingw32 issues, Manu TM
  • [xml] tree xmlNode.line, LAUN, Wolfgang
  • [xml] Clone the reader?, Csaba Raduly
  • [xml] xmlEncodeSpecialChars vs xmlEncodeEntitiesReentrant, Nikolay Sivov
  • [xml] [PATCH] Updates to libxml.m4 and libxslt.m4, Daniel Richard G.
  • [xml] Using Xpath with default namespace and null prefix, =?utf-8?q?I=C3=B1aki_Baz_Castillo?=
  • [xml] Libxml2 with Visual Studio 2005, Ovsei Volberg
  • [xml] xmllint --valid failed with windows binary(2.7.6), =?utf-8?B?54Cs5bedIOWNmuS6ug==?=
  • [xml] [PATCH] Fix some typos in comments, Nikolay Sivov
  • Re: [xml] DTD validation & whitespace removal, Piotr Sipika
  • [xml] encoding support with xmlParseInNodeContext, Aaron Patterson
  • [xml] xmlPreviousElementSibling mistake, =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Fran=E7ois_Delyon?=
  • [xml] Opening same xml file in two threads at a time using xmlReadfile/xmlParseFile, Bhadraji D
  • [xml] Libxml2 with vxWorks, Baruch Oran-NFW783
  • [xml] more document fragment issues, Aaron Patterson
  • Re: [xml] [xslt] HTML vs. XHTML: different output when including a file with \r\n [WAS: xmllint vs. xsltproc: different output when including a file with \r\n], Daniel Veillard

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