Re: [xml] Libxml2 with vxWorks

Neil Bird wrote:
Around about 05/02/10 21:14, Roumen Petrov typed ...
Did you try to build for source tarbal when you remove
include/libxml/xmlversion.h in source directory ?
I guess you use build<>source directory.

Not sure what you're asking; we didn't _remove_ anything, just renamed
the #include statements. We build in the unpacked source tarball (with
those #include changes applied and our modified config.h).

Because libxml/xmlversion.h is file generated by configure script . Also it is included in source tarball. If build system use configure script the makefile add include search path first for [builddir]/include, second for [sourcedir]/include and etc. So #include <libxml/xmlversion.h> is correct. No idea for other builds. It seems to me that vxWorks build don't use configure script. Better is to fix build build system to generate libxml/xmlversion.h in correct location or to correct include search path.


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