Re: [xml] tree xmlNode.line

On Thu, Feb 11, 2010 at 10:45:36AM +0100, LAUN, Wolfgang wrote:
Struct xmlNode contains a field

   unsigned short line

which I'm grateful for, since it provides info for composing decent
error messages. However, its type being what it is, it won't be so good
for XML files with more than 65535 lines. My estimates based on our own
current data deliver a max. estimated size of 52000 lines, which is
uncomfortably close. We would exceed the limit even right now if we
wouldn't represent as much as possible as attributes.


I'm not asking for it right now - I just wonder whether this issue has
come up before? Of course, I guess people could always build their own
patched version J

  yes, and I rejected it on ABI issue, I can't change the structure
format at this point.
  As explained there are inside the parser line counters which are
stored as int, e.g. ctxt->input->line , so if the problem shows up
at parsing time then, you can use that value.


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