Re: [xml] Libxml2 with vxWorks

Around about 03/02/10 08:35, Baruch Oran-NFW783 typed ...
Have someone, integrated the product with vxWorks.
if so were there any speacial bugs? fixes?

  Nothing major.

We changed all of the include files to make them include themselves relatively (which IMHO should have been the case anyway):

#include <libxml/xmlversion.h>
#include "xmlversion.h"

But that wasn't so much for vxWorks builds as to suit our [cross platform] build environment, where libxml (for the purposes of local builds) wasn't 'installed' and hence wasn't on anything's include path.

We also had to create a suitable config.h, but I think I just copied and fiddled with the win32 one. Other than that, AFAIR, it just compiled OK. (WR WorkBench with vx 6.2).

Although I should say that getting libxml onto vxWorks was more of a legay support thing than anything else, we've not really used it in anger outside of Windows/Linux. We *have* used it OK, just not nearly as much.

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