Re: [xml] Libxml2 with Visual Studio 2005

Libxml2 is very easy to build with VC 2005 but you have to use the supplied make files.
Just check the readme file in the win32 folder of libxml2 sources.
It basically:
1) fire up VS2005 command line (should be in your start menu)
2) dir to ...\libxml2\win32
3) run configure.js
4) run nmake


On 06.02.2010 22:23, Ovsei Volberg wrote:
Have someone built Libxml2 with VS 2005 before? Could it be possible to
get VC 2005 project files?
Any problems, any additional environment variables to set, bug fixes?

I am also interested to know how much XInclude capabilities are
implemented in Libxml2. Could you please share your experience?

Thank you,

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