Re: [xml] Using Xpath with default namespace and null prefix

Le 8 févr. 10 à 18:32, Martin (gzlist) a écrit :

On 08/02/2010, François Delyon <f delyon satimage fr> wrote:

By the way (prefix and namespace), I have a request about exslt.
Some useful functions like exsltStrXpathCtxtRegister have been added.
But they require a non-null prefix, which is not convenient in my case.

Can you explain exaclty how you'd use this from within a program? Are
you wanting to register the extension functions without their

  /* invalid example */
  exsltStrXpathCtxtRegister(ctxt, NULL);
  xmlXPathEval((const xmlChar *)"concat(n)", ctxt);

Now, what function is that calling?

Of course, <>


  /* valid example */
  exsltStrXpathCtxtRegister(ctxt, NULL);
xmlXPathRegisterNs(ctxt, "str", "";);
xmlXPathEval((const xmlChar *)"str:concat(n)", ctxt);

Now calls <>.

exsltStrXpathCtxtRegister(ctxt, NULL) must occur once when I create the context. But the NSregistrations and the Xpath evaluations are up to the users of my application.

I am not a user of xmlint, but I suppose that the same problem occurs.
If I what to use some exslt functions in xmlint, it is easy to slightly modify the source code in order to call exsltStrXpathCtxtRegister for any new xmlXPathContextPtr. But at this step, I can't guess the prefix for the namespace " ". This prefix will be defined in the future by the user of xmlint.


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