Re: [xml] Libxml2 with Visual Studio 2005

Dear Martin,
Please see the process mentioned below,

Detailed Process

libxml Libraries build process

Perform following steps to build libxml libraries,

1. Get the latest source of boost from and extract it.

2. Run Visual studio command prompt using one of the ways mentioned below,

2.1 Open MS-DOS command prompt and set visual studio environment variables by executing “vsvar32.bat”. This bat file does present in following path,

…Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\Tools

This step will be automatically performed if you open Visual Studio Command prompt from Visual Studio Tools.

3. Now change current directory to .. \libxml root directory\win32 in commond prompt opened in step 2.

4. Now the next important step is to confugure configuration script (confugure.js) using cscript command. We configure script for builidng libxml libraries in both debug as well as release version.

4.1 To configure script for debug version run cscript command as shown  below


cscript configure.js debug=yes iconv=no zlib=no compiler=msvc prefix="E:\Projects\FEMMAS\Tmp\libxml2-2.7.3\libxml2-2.7.3" libdir="E:\Projects\FEMMAS\Tmp\libxml2\compiledlibs\libxml2-2.7.3\lib" incdir="E:\Projects\FEMMAS\Tmp\libxml2\compiledlibs\libxml2-2.7.3\include" cruntime=/MTd

            debug=yes, for creating libraries in debug version.

iconv=no zlib=no, we don’t require support of this iconv and zlib

cruntime=/MTd, we need “MultiThreaded debug” runtime library for linking.

Note: While configuring script for debug version, the runtime library used in cruntime option should be same as the runtime library used in debug configuration of project. You can check the version of runtime library used for MS visual studio C++ project from “project property page”.Please refer the screen shot below.

To see a full list of options supported by the configuration script, run following command in command prompt.,

cscript configure.js help

And set options as per your requirement and run cscript command.

4.2 Now you can build libxml library using nmake command as shown below,

nmake /f Makefile.msvc install


4.3 To configure script for release version, need to perform similar steps mentioned in 4.1 and 4.2 but with different option values of cscript command.

                debug=no, for creating libraries in debug version.

iconv=no zlib=no, we don’t require support of this iconv and zlib

cruntime=/MT, we need MultiThreaded debug runtime library for linking.


Hope this will help :).
Best of luck.

On Mon, Feb 8, 2010 at 12:44 AM, Martin Baschnegger <0xCDCDCDCD gmx at> wrote:
Libxml2 is very easy to build with VC 2005 but you have to use the supplied make files.
Just check the readme file in the win32 folder of libxml2 sources.
It basically:
1) fire up VS2005 command line (should be in your start menu)
2) dir to ...\libxml2\win32
3) run configure.js
4) run nmake


On 06.02.2010 22:23, Ovsei Volberg wrote:
Have someone built Libxml2 with VS 2005 before? Could it be possible to
get VC 2005 project files?
Any problems, any additional environment variables to set, bug fixes?

I am also interested to know how much XInclude capabilities are
implemented in Libxml2. Could you please share your experience?

Thank you,

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