[xml] remove node from html document

I have tried to xmlUnlinkNode, the result is that the loop through all nodes is stopped at the unlinked node.

What is the reason for that stop?

My amature observation is that the structure of a document in the xmlNodePtr is not rewritten per xmlUnlinkNode?

I have the a program that partially works, the only problem part is that the loop all nodes stops at an unlink. The program can write the final document with the first found specific node disposed and all nodes after it are there (therefore the structure of the document is not lost after the unlink).

The problem is that I want the loop to continue to find more nodes after the first unlink, to unlink nodes with specific values indefinitely.

I may have the wrong funct. What is the recommended method to remove (dispose, unlink, delete, less, whatever its called) a node (and all sub nodes) ?

thank you

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