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  • Linking problem in projects with multiple derived interfaces, Kuba
  • on #pragma and IDL files..., winterlion
  • How to get ip address from ior, rashi jain
  • IIOP question, NACARINO ALCORTA Luis Inigo
  • CORBA question, Dietmar Maurer
  • FW: ORBit - Gnome trouble - dropped messages, Bowman, Michael W. (MBOWMAN)
  • libIDLConf.sh.in is missing a final newline, Larry Stone
  • ORBit EventChannel status?, Bill Haneman
  • Re: ORBit-0.5.7 bug: non-root process can't talk to root process!, Sebastian Wilhelmi
  • COM CORBA interworking, Shane D'Arcy
  • ORBit-0.5.7 make file bug, Bill Sheets
  • PATCH: _narrow for perl bindings, Alex Hornby
  • GNOME 2 compilation issues (fwd), ERDI Gergo
  • GNOME 2 compilation issues, ERDI Gergo
  • CORBA/ORBit Simple Name Server Examples, Alejandro Imass
  • ORBit questions, MALERBA_Vivien
  • orbitrc tcp control revisited, M. Shell
  • Invalid Object Reference Error, William Nagel
  • Returned mail: Cannot send message within 5 days, Mail Delivery Subsystem
  • ref counting bug in orb.c, Phil Dawes
  • CPU utilization problem with 0.5.7-mt, Bagade, Saket
  • get_skel_* code, Mark McLoughlin
  • ORBit in KDE, Rodrigo Moya
  • Ask the ORB if there are pending request, Margarita de Cabo
  • A memory release promble about ORBit-0.5.3 at connection.c line 448, Chuyee
  • ORBit broken for remote objects, Jason Tackaberry
  • Re: Info about ORBit-mt, Sebastian Wilhelmi
  • finalize in ORBit-0.5-stable?, Phil Dawes
  • problem with forward declarations, winterlion

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