FW: ORBit - Gnome trouble - dropped messages

> Hi,
> I've developed a test client/server application using ORBit to provide
> communications between the client and server. My IDL uses the "oneway"
> keyword for the method I'm calling so that the client can call it as fast
> as possible and return to its business. My server's called method
> basically just waits for a second or so and returns.
> I know the "oneway" keyword is depreciated, but I can't find any good info
> on how to use the event service. I'm kind of new at this stuff.
> Here's my problem...
> If I use CORBA_ORB_init() and CORBA_ORB_run() in my client and server, the
> test client calls the method on the server and quits. The server slowly
> processes each call and finishes. The server does process ALL of the calls
> made to it. However, if I change my client and server to use
> gnome_CORBA_init() and gtk_main(), only the first call to the server is
> processed and the rest are dropped.
> Those two changes are the ONLY ones made to the client and server code.
> Can anyone tell me how to avoid this problem?
> Thanks, Michael.

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